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Discover the ancient wonders of Egypt with our Egypte Tours. Uncover history, explore iconic pyramids, and cruise the Nile in a journey of a lifetime.


From surreal waters and golden sand beaches to remarkable architecture and natural therapies, Egypt should definitely be on your list of places to visit. This country is known for ancient treasures and rich history that you can see in the remaining temples, monuments, tombs and artifacts of the Ancient Egyptian civilization.

Egypt or “The land of Pharaohs” where the great ancient Egyptians wrote the history upon the sands of its lands is by far one of the safest and most affordable travel destinations in the world where every traveler can easily explore its immortal cities that carries a majestic story filled with heavenly allure, excitement, and grandeur.

Egypte tour reviews

Jarrod J.

Our Egypte Tour experience was absolutely fantastic. From the awe-inspiring pyramids of Giza to the beautiful Nile River cruise, every moment was filled with wonder. The guides were knowledgeable, and the accommodations were comfortable. I can't recommend Egypte Tour enough!

Eric L.

My family and I enjoyed our Egypte Tour. The historical sites were breathtaking, and we learned so much about Egypt's rich history. The only downside was that some of the hotels could have been a bit more modern, but overall, it was a memorable journey.

Jill M.

Egypte Tour provided us with a well-organized and informative trip. The guides were not only experts in history but also great storytellers. We felt safe and immersed in the culture throughout. The visit to Luxor and the Valley of the Kings was a highlight. Highly recommended!

Charlotte W.

We had a fantastic time on our Egypte Tour, exploring the ancient wonders and experiencing the local culture. The only issue was some minor scheduling hiccups, but the team quickly resolved them. The memories we made will last a lifetime.

Katharina S.

Our Egypte Tour was beyond our expectations. The sights were breathtaking, and our guide's passion for Egypt's history was infectious. We felt welcomed and safe the entire trip. The company's attention to detail was commendable, making it an unforgettable adventure.

Egypte travel FAQs

This typically includes accommodation, transportation within Egypt, guided tours, and some meals. Specific inclusions may vary, so be sure to check with the tour operator.

The best times are during the fall (September to November) and spring (March to May) when the weather is milder. Avoid the hot summer months, especially June to August.

Egypt is generally safe for tourists, but it's essential to stay updated on the current situation and follow any travel advisories. Stay informed about the regions you plan to visit.

Pack lightweight, breathable clothing, comfortable shoes, sunscreen, a hat, and insect repellent. Also, consider modest clothing for visits to religious sites.

Egypt offers a wide range of attractions, including the Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, Luxor Temple, the Valley of the Kings, the Egyptian Museum, and a Nile River cruise. Your tour package may include some of these.

Make sure your vaccinations are up-to-date and consult with a healthcare provider for any recommended vaccinations. Drink bottled water and take precautions against foodborne illnesses.

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