Traveling to the beautiful country of Egypt for the very first time is such a wonderful experience. To make sure that you do not fall victim to the holiday blues, here are some details about Egypt that you should be aware of. Egypt is composed mainly of Muslims, so you need to watch what you say, what you hear, and what you do in public. These are very conservative people, especially when it comes to the women. Unlike western countries, the women in Egypt are really deferential to their male relatives. It’s their way of life.

Planning and Booking in Advance

Many of the tourist sites and venues, including public transportation to these sites, have to be booked in advance. Egypt plays host to hundreds of thousands of tourists every year, so you can just imagine how chaotic it would be if there was no system.

Coping with the Climate

The weather in Egypt is generally hot because of its geographical location, so you need to keep yourself hydrated always. Drink lots of water during the day, and try to go on tours that are not scheduled during the early afternoon when the sun is too intensely hot.

Cultural Phrases and Courtesies

“La Shukran” is one of the answers you should perfect when traveling around Egypt. It simply means, “No, thank you.” As you move around the country, you will be confronted by vendors trying to make a living from selling items to tourists. By simply saying La Shukran to them politely, you will be able to keep them away from you.

Adaptation and Preparedness

If you come from a highly developed country, you might experience a little bit of a culture shock from the people, climate, and way of life. It won’t be a negative shock, rather a need to adjust to a different culture. Always carry a first aid kit, essential medicines, bottled water, a snack, and a few local currency bills. If you are going to the desert sites, bring along a small flashlight. You will find it handy to have around.

Travel Tips and Respect for Sites

If there are signs not to use your flash in taking pictures, follow it to a tee. There are valid reasons for disallowing flash and strong harsh lights, mainly the reasons are to preserve the quality of the art or architecture. Make sure you put some sunblock if you are going to be walking around under the heat of the sun.

Shopping and Security Measures

Shopping in Egypt is a lot of fun because of the many wondrous and unique items you can find in the local street markets. However, if you have credit cards, store them in a secure part of your bag or wallet, and out of sight from vendors. The same would go if you have foreign currencies in your wallet. Sad to say, but vendors will try to sell you an item at the highest possible price especially if they get a glimpse of the content of your wallet.

Attire and Appreciation

When going to the sites, women should wear pants because they might have to climb steps or ladders to get to a certain spot. It will also protect them from insect bites. As you travel around Egypt, you will notice that aside from the fabulous sites to see, equally surprising are the people. The Egyptian people are one of the most friendliest and helpful in the world. You will come to love Egypt not for the places you can go to but for the friendly and accommodating Egyptians.