Cairo, mystical and strange. This beautiful capital city of Egypt is also known as The Triumphant City or al-Qāhirah. It’s a city bustling with activity and energy, home to many of the Egyptian tourist destinations. If you plan to travel to Egypt, you cannot miss Cairo in your itinerary. It would be like simple unthinkable. Here in Cairo, you will get to feel the unique wonder of Egypt.

Cairo’s Dynamic Fusion of Past and Present

Life never seems to settle down in this capital city of Egypt. There is always something happening, and people milling around even in the wee hours of the morning. It’s a city that never sleeps. If you are looking for excitement and vitality, this capital city of Egypt is where you should go. The beauty of this capital city of Egypt is the strange blend of ancient and modern, of old and new. Not just in its infrastructure, but also in its religion, practices, and culture.

Cairo’s Famous Souks and Street Markets

Thanks to Hollywood, which has consistently featured Cairo, Egypt, in many of its films, people from all around the globe are familiar with the sites in Egypt. One of these famous tourist spots is the Khan el Khalili souk, a bazaar for shoppers looking for Egyptian fashion, jewelry, mashrabiya, leather, spices, fabric, glass, and carpets. It’s a shopper’s paradise because you won’t even be able to see all there is to buy in the course of a few hours only. Be ready to dedicate a couple of days just savoring the unbelievable products on display. There are also street markets specifically designated for a particular item like the Tentmakers Bazaar, famous for appliques, the Wekala al Balag for clothing and fabric, and the Mohammed Ali street for musical instruments.

Exploring Cairo – A Blend of Tradition and Adventure

It is very easy to move around this capital city of Egypt. Touring it on foot will take you to places and nooks that you would not normally see on a bus. You could opt to have a travel guide bring you around (and this is advisable), but then if you are the adventurous type, there is nothing to fear walking around Cairo during the day. Since this capital city of Egypt is the center of business and politics, there are many 5-star amenities available like the grand Four Seasons Hotel and the Marriot.