Nestled between Algeria and Libya, Tunisia dazzles North Africa with its beauty and immense culture. From the desert to the glistening waters, through its exceptional sites, discover this small state of the Maghreb in its sumptuous whole. Whether you’re a history buff or a leisure enthusiast, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for in the heart of this multi-faceted treasure!

Thanks to its assets, it has become a leading tourist destination since the 1960s.
So don’t hesitate any longer, and plunge into the heart of this magnificent country where customs and tradition are mixed with unparalleled scenery!

Would you like to visit Tunisia? Here are the top 10 most beautiful places to discover.

1. Dougga

Dougga is a wonderful archaeological site. You will be amazed by the richness of this place. Located about 100 kilometres from Tunis, Dougga is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Covering 25 hectares, Dougga is among the best preserved sites in the world, and especially in the Maghreb. Much more than a simple temple, it is an ancient Roman colony composed mainly of a theatre, baths, a mausoleum and a capitol. If you come to visit Tunisia, it is a step not to be missed!

2. Ksar-Ghilane

If you are looking for beautiful scenery, head for the town of Tataouine. Here you will find the magnificent oasis of Ksar-Ghilane. At the edge of the Sahara desert, admire its pools of clear green water that call for a swim. Its very hot waters (more than 30°C) will make you feel like in an open air bath.

3. The Chott El-Djérid

Let’s stay in the magnificent landscapes by leaving for the Chott el-Djérid, in the direction of Tozeur. A huge salt lake with an area of about 7000 km2. Nicknamed the “Lake of Mirages”, it will surprise you when it is flooded with light. Evaporation, caused by the heat of the sun, creates a mist that gives you deceptive images. It is said that rocks and imaginary caravans appear on the horizon.
A little extra: go at the end of the day to watch the sunset. Magic guaranteed.

4. Tozeur

Do you like the world of oases? Then you can’t miss Tozeur if you come to visit Tunisia! It is the most beautiful and largest of the oases.

Discover its sumptuous waterfall and its palm grove with more than 400,000 palm trees. In Tozeur, you can also wander through the narrow streets lined with typical houses. Discover the Ouled-el-Halef district, the Paradise gardens and the belvedere. Visit the zoo of Tozeur where you will meet different kinds of desert animals.

5. Sidi Bou Saïd

Here is a place to discover absolutely if you wish to visit Tunisia. Located at about twenty kilometres north-east of Tunis, Sidi Bou Saïd is a very typical village with white and blue houses. Dominating Carthage from the top of its cliff, it is the most visited village in the country.
Spend some time in its pretty alleys and contemplate the many decorations that are offered to you. You will enjoy the charming Mediterranean atmosphere. Visit the museums and the Dar Nejma Ezzahra Palace. And to finish your day in beauty, a delicious mint tea in one of the cafés with a sea view.

6. Tunis

As far as the city is concerned, Tunis is a must when you want to visit Tunisia! Administrative capital of the state, Tunis mixes modernity and ancient culture. Visit the Bardo Museum, the largest museum in Tunisia, which will take you back into the country’s history. This is also the time to visit the souks where you will discover many colourful stalls and the sweet smell of spices.

Tunis is also perfect for party people. Bars, pubs and discos… The night is yours!

7. Djerba

This island nicknamed “Djerba the sweet” is located off the Tunisian coast. Its surface area is 514 square kilometres. Are you coming to visit Tunisia? Then don’t miss Djerba and its large white sandy beaches! Its typical whitewashed houses will offer you a total change of scenery. It has a large number of hotels and a variety of activities. Several excursions can be proposed to you. Houmt Souk will reveal its markets to you.

8. Korba Lagoon

The Korba lagoon is another beautiful place not to be missed if you want to visit Tunisia. Located in the north-east of the country, it stretches along the eastern coast of the Cap-Bon peninsula and is ideal for nature lovers, where you can observe pink flamingos and ducks in complete tranquillity. Tunisians are used to taking great care of this privileged space by organizing regular cleaning operations. The fauna and flora are very precious here.

9. Matmata

A Berber village in southern Tunisia, Matmata will surprise you with its troglodyte houses. Indeed, these unusual dwellings are dug into the rock, on the hillside, an unusual architecture. A small village with barely 2000 inhabitants, Matmata will surprise you with its originality: some of these houses are still inhabited.

Small anecdote: Star Wars fan? Then you’ve probably already seen these houses! Because a scene from the saga was filmed there!

10. Carthage

Once a very important trading city, Carthage is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was built on a hill overlooking the Gulf of Tunis.

A true archaeological site, it contains treasures of history spanning over 2000 years. A great number of monuments are to be visited, starting from the hill of Byrsa, where you will find the museum in which are exposed many archaeological objects. Further on, facing the sea, you can visit the Antonine baths. Extend your visit by the military port and the commercial port. In July and August, come and visit Tunisia and enjoy the Carthage music festival!