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Tanzania 12 Days Safari Northern Circuit Life Time Experience

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12 days

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Daily Tour

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During this 12-days safari tour in the north of Tanzania, you will explore the wildlife and the beautiful nature of Tanzania. The northern part of this country is rich of the parks and includes all famous national park in Tanzania and Africa in general, such as: Tarangire National Park, Arusha National Park, Lake Manyara National Park, Serengeti National Park Central… In this trip expect to have very interesting adventures and witness the stunningly land scape and beautiful natural environment and different species of animals and birds. 


  • Game viewing in the Serengeti National Park, which is known for its large populations of big cats, elephants, and other wildlife, as well as the annual wildebeest migration. This park will give you an opportunity to see the big five: lion, leopard, elephant, rhinoceros, and cape buffalo.
  • Visiting the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, which includes the Ngorongoro Crater, a collapsed volcano that is home to a large variety of wildlife, including the big five.
  • Exploring the Tarangire National Park, known for its large elephant herds and baobab trees. The park is also home to a wide variety of other wildlife, including lions, leopards, and giraffes.
  • Visiting the Olduvai Gorge, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is considered one of the most important prehistoric sites in the world, where you can learn about the early human history and the evolution of man.


Up on after arrival at the airpoirt you will meet our representative. He will brief you about Tanzania and then je will drive you to Arusha town.
Arusha is the capital city of eastern Africa and tourism hub of Tanzania.

ACCOMMODATION: century hotel [accommodation of the same quality] MEAL PLAN: Dinner, breakfast, packed lunch box


One of the small national park in Tanzania but varied with the spectacular land scapees in three distinct areas. in the west, the meru crater funnels the jejekumia river. Arusha is where you can see the 2nd tallest mountain in Tanzania mount meru, here you will see the migrants birds to asia and Europe flamingo and pelican. You will see rarely colobus monkeys and other forest animal.
ACCOMMODATION: A1hotel/century hotel [accommodation of the same quality MEAL PLAN: Dinner, breakfast, packed lunch box


The Safaris starts at around 8:30 am after breakfast at your accommodation drive to Tarangire National Park for game drives. In tarangire national park you will see large herds of elephants. The park is dotted with giant trees called baobab, fringe eared Oryx, giant African rock python, birds over 500 species recorded in the park.


Is greet rift valley steep narrow escarpment, rewarding travelers with some of the most scenic and beautiful Tanzania safari. This park is dominated by mixed acacia woodlands, ever green forest and savannah grassland. Its nick name is home of tree climbing lion, here you will enjoy to see large flocks of birds like pink flamingo,yellow billed stock, egrets, spoonbills, hornbills, vultures,pelican and other birds manyara national park is a birders haven and one of the important birding areas in Tanzania.


Wake up in the morning, have breakfast, then you will start a journey to Serengeti. On your way you will transit to Ngorongoro highlands. You will stop at crater view point for a few minutes before starting a journey to the Serengeti, the Serengeti is oldest national park in Tanzania and most famous in the world. Serengeti is currently the leading national park in Africa 4th consecutive times in a row. Serengeti offers you a beautiful endless glass plain and its home of over 3000 lions, 60000,over 1.5 millions of wildebeest buffaloes,over 500 birds,reptiles,kopjes,mountains and hills Serengeti is general paradise of wild animals.


After breakfast, you will have early game drive, in the morning you will encounter different species of carnivores on the way. at kirawira you will see animals like eland, cheetah, the deadliest nile crocodile waiting they pray at grumet river. this river is the largest obstacles of migrant and permanent animals.


After breakfast , you will start a journey to Ngorongoro when at the first time you see the ngorongoro crater, its like forgoten world. concealed with by the steep volcanic walls is a pristine wilderness including sweeping savannah,pockets of acacia woodlands and glistening lakes and swamps. the crater was created when a large volcano exploded and collapsed in on itself two to three million ywars ago the drive down to crater itds adventure itself and when you reach crater floor you quickly find yourself among the large number of zebra,gazzele and many more birds, with the best chance to see the rarely and endangered black rhinos you will spend many hours in crater and then get back to your accommodation at karatu.


Lake Eyasi
Located about 182km from Arusha City Center
The Hadza are a modern hunter-gatherer people living in northern Tanzania. They are considered one of the last hunter-gatherer tribes in Africa with approximately 1,300 tribe members. Their native homeland includes the Eyasi Valley and nearby hills. The Hadza remain an important study focus for anthropologists, as they represent a modern link to ways of human existence and survival largely abandoned by most of humanity.

As a hunter-gatherer society, the Hadza have no domesticated livestock, nor do they grow or store their own food. The Hadza survive by hunting their food with hand-made bows and arrows and foraging for edible plants. The Hadza diet is primarily plant-based but also consists of meat, fat, and honey. They create temporary shelters of dried grass and branches, and they own few possessions.
The Hadza speak a unique language known as Hadzane, which incorporates clicking and popping sounds as well as more familiar sounds. According to their own history, which they preserve through oral tradition, the Hadza have lived in their current environment bordering the Serengeti plains since their first days as a unique group. This is relatively close to the spot where Homo habilis, one of the earliest hominids, lived 1.9 million years ago. Genetically, the Hadza show one of the oldest lineages of contemporary humans.
Contemporary settlements and farming practices currently threaten the lifestyle of the Hadza. They have lost between 75 percent and 90 percent of their land over the past 50 years


Arusha city, declared as 'A Geneva of Africa' by former US president Honorarious Mr. Bill Clinton, is situated in northern Tanzania. It has a population of 1, 288, 088 (2002 census).
This city is located on the slopes of Mount Meru making the region experience the comfortable weather all the year round.

All northern circuit safari tour to national parks pass in Arusha city making the region to accommodate more influx of visitors all the time. The city hosts major international diplomatic organs such as East African Community, International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda and other International social organizations including Compassion International, World Vision, and local non-governmental organizations including Love for All People Tanzania, etc.

Welcome to Arusha, our home!

 Tanzanite Experience Museum: Visiting The Tanzanite Experience Museum gives you a chance to delve into history and enjoy one of the main attraction in Arusha. it’s an exciting journey that leads you right in the heart of this precious gemstone (about 30 mins)
 Uhuru monument: Standing under the monument tower which symbolizes the freedom of Tanzanian people which marking also the Arusha declaration of 1967. Learn about Tanzania history and area of your interest through your guide at this comfortable point (about 30 mins.)
 Shanga.Visiting at shanga you will experience a beautiful handmade product like necklace and bracelet, glass blowing, also learning Swahili words, and shopping but also you will have a chance to make your own necklace and bracelet. (about 1:30 hours)
 Arusha Central Market – Soko Kuu Arusha “Soko Kuu Arusha”
The chaotic Central Market (aka Soko Kuu: ‘Big Market’) in the heart of the city is worth an hour or two of strolling time. While you might see a few other travellers, the market survives more off the local trade and is all the more interesting because of it.The Central Market is one of the best places to get a glimpse of Tanzanian life, and offers a total assault on the senses. Locals will try everything to be your tour guide (for a fee) and traders are intent on making a sale, so have your wits about you and prepare to barter. There’s a lively atmosphere and various stalls of exotic fruit, coffee, nuts and spices.
• Clock Tower
The clock tower was built by Galanos, a Greek millionaire who came in Tanganyika at early years of the 19th century. It is believed that the Arusha Clock Tower is located exactly between Cairo and Cape Town, and is in considered the center point of the three countries of Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. It is the meeting point for both local and Tourists.
• Arusha Maasai Curios Market Located about 2km from Arusha City Center
The Maasai Market is a haven for lovers of street shopping. Located near the Arusha Clock Tower in Arusha City, visitors are in for a treat with more than 100 stalls that sell everything from local arts, souvenirs to quirky jewelry. A must-visit, this colorful market is ideal for those who love to bargain.


Maji Moto, known locally as Kikuletwa Hotsprings, is paradisiac oasis amidst the Tanzanian savannah, offers captivating, Bounty-styled views, crystal-clean water and dense vegetation around. Located in 2-hour drive from Moshi (Tanzania) – the main climbing hub of the region – Chemka Hot Springs is the best place to visit after a Kilimanjaro hike or a safari adventure.


in this last day before departure you will visit different places and buy gift to take home for your family/relative.
you will do night city center tour and nght life if you interested


will transfer you to the airport to cartch up your flight. we will wait you to fly,

MEAL. brekfast and lunch depend on your flight time

  • Transport go and return using 4*4 safari cruiser
  • Accommodation full board for all Nights
  • Drinking water
  • All Park fees
  • Ngorongoro Transit fee
  • Ngorongoro crater fee
  • Concession fee
  • Government TAX 18
  • Flight ticket
  • Visa Application
  • Flying Doctor
  • All other person items
  • Extra activities like Balloon Safaris
  • Driver/Guide Tip (Highly recommended)
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