Accommodations in Egypt : From Budget Stays to Luxury Retreats

Since Egypt is a prime tourist destination, it is no surprise to know that the number of hotels, B&Bs, inns, and resorts is considerably higher than other less visited countries. Naturally, as a result of the effects of the tourist industry, accommodations in Egypt range from the cheap “just a bed to crash in” type […]

Essential Tips for a Blissful First Visit to Egypt: Culture, Climate, and Courtesy

Traveling to the beautiful country of Egypt for the very first time is such a wonderful experience. To make sure that you do not fall victim to the holiday blues, here are some details about Egypt that you should be aware of. Egypt is composed mainly of Muslims, so you need to watch what you […]

Where to stay in Merzouga?

Many travelers ask where to stay in Merzouga when they plan to visit Merzouga desert which is one of the most visited deserts in the world. Merzouga has a lot of hotels, guesthouses and desert camps which is a good thing to hear, so you can reach the accommodation in Merzouga easily. It is good […]